YouTube TV Customer Service: A Guide to Connecting with YouTube TV

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YouTube TV is a one-stop destination for hundreds of live TV channels. It offers non-stop entertainment and keeps itself updated with new features to delight users. However, nobody likes it when an issue with the service arises. The question of how to contact YouTube TV customer service arises prominently when people face problems with their accounts or while accessing content.

Fortunately, you can connect with the support team and find answers to a lot of your questions by navigating to the Contact Us page. The YouTube TV Help page allows users to describe their issues and gives access to targeted troubleshooting articles. You get more support options by signing into your account on this page.

Let us walk you through various ways to contact YouTube TV customer support and service.

Access Support Through YouTube TV Help Center

The best way to get support is by heading to the YouTube TV Help page. Follow these pointers to access this great resource and resolve all your problems.

  • Navigate to
  • Soon, the YouTube TV Help page will open.
  • Here, below ‘How can we help you?’ you will see a white search box.
  • Here, you can input any problem you are facing and hit Enter.
  • You will soon find the answer to your query.
  • Another option is to go down the page a bit and find the ‘Browse help topics’ section.
  • Here, you’ll see a dropdown menu with various common topics.
  • Find help topics related to these areas.
  1. NFL Sunday ticket
  2. Signing up on YouTube and understanding the basics.
  3. Using YouTube TV
  4. Personalizing the content on YouTube TV
  5. Assistance with billing
  6. Fixing an issue

How to Get YouTube TV Customer Service Chat

There’s also a way to seek more help when you are at the YouTube TV Help Center. If the available support articles shown to you are not satisfactory, use the customer service chat feature. But locating it is not very straightforward. That’s because when you scroll down the YouTube TV Help Center page, you will find the ‘Contact Us’ option. Below it, you will see ‘Tell us more and we’ll help you get there’ written. Tap this button, and you will arrive at the Contact Us page. Here, follow these pointers.

  • In step 1, choose a specific topic from the dropdown.
  • After that, write down the problem you are facing.
  • Click the button below and choose an option that best describes the issue.
  • After that, click the ‘Next step’ button.
  • In step 2 (Resources), YouTube TV will provide you with a helpful article for your concern.
  • You will see six to seven articles, which you can go through and use to resolve your concern.
  • If they don’t seem satisfactory, tap the ‘Next step’ button.
  • Now, you can access YouTube TV customer service chat.
  • There will be three options as follows:
  1. If you tap the ‘Get a call’ option, you will need to wait for less than a minute.
  2. There’s also the ‘Chat’ option, which is recommended by YouTube TV.
  3. Finally, there’s the option for ‘YouTube TV customer service email.’
  • The options are quite self-explanatory. If you click on the ‘Get a call’ or ‘Chat’ option, ensure to provide your name and phone number.
  • On tapping the ‘Email’ option, provide your name, a description of your problem, and the type of device you are encountering the issue on.

POINT TO NOTE: Do not disclose any sensitive details like your credit card numbers or passwords.

How to Contact YouTube TV Customer Service on Android and iPhone

You can get handy YouTube TV support in the form of chat, email, and live support in Android and iPhone devices.

1.   Android

On the YouTube TV app, tap your profile picture. After that, choose ‘Help.’ Now, tap ‘Contact us.’ You will find various options to get support, such as:

  1. Chat: Get quick help from a live agent through chat.
  2. Email: Get a response from YouTube TV support in 24 hours after emailing them with your concerns.
  3. Request a call: Talk to someone on YouTube by requesting a call.

2. iPhone and iPad

On the YouTube TV app on your iPhone or iPad, touch your profile picture. Tap ‘Help’ and use the steps to submit a form for support. You will see three options to get support.

  1. Chat: Get immediate help with YouTube TV support chat.
  2. Email: Send an email and get the answer in one day.
  3. Request a call: Chat with a support specialist of the service and resolve your query.

Other Resources to Get YouTube TV Support

There are still other ways to get valuable support for different aspects related to YouTube TV. These support channels are especially beneficial for those with queries regarding YouTube TV membership. All of them are explained in detail below.

1.   Twitter

Find YouTube TV on Twitter at @TeamYouTube. This is not the official YouTube account and is more related to answering the support queries of users. The Twitter account has over 1.6 million followers, and you will find updates about all aspects of YouTube TV. Users can get support in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Russian, Indonesian, Arabic, and Hindi.

2.   Help Forums

The YouTubeTV help forum is a part of the YouTube Help Community. Here you can find posts related to all new YouTube updates. Besides that, you can also find the Frequently Asked Questions section. Although the Featured Posts section only shows three posts, tap the ‘View all featured posts’ link to access more. Use this link to access YouTube Help Forum.

A little below on the page, you will find trending posts. After that, there are different categories for watching videos on various devices, uploading videos, interacting with the audience, YouTube accounts, among others.

3.   YouTube TV Help channel

Another great resource is the YouTube TV Help channel. It helps you learn about this service through informative videos. From learning about recording events and movies to casting YouTube TV on your television and using it while traveling, there are many helpful videos. Use this link to access the help channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I talk to someone on my YouTube TV?

Log into YouTube TV from your app or browser. On the browser, tap the ‘?’ at the upper-right part. On the mobile app, tap your profile image. Now, tap the ‘Contact us’ section. Describe your issue. Then tap the ‘Next’ button to find help articles regarding your problem. Tap ‘Skip’ if you want to speak directly with a real person.

2. Why is YouTube TV not working?

Check whether you have a good internet connection, as YouTube TV needs a strong internet signal. Also, see whether you are streaming with multiple devices. You cannot stream YouTube TV if three people are streaming on three devices. Finally, restart the YouTube TV app and your device to fix the issue.

3. Can I cancel YouTube TV by phone?

On your Android phone, sign into the YouTube TV app. Now, click your profile icon and go to ‘Settings.’ Here, tap ‘Membership.’ Now, click ‘Pause or cancel membership.’ Give a reason for cancellation and confirm it. On an iPhone, navigate to and tap on your profile. Go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Membership.’ Choose ‘Cancel membership’ and confirm your action.

4. How much does YouTube TV cost?

YouTube TV has three plans. The Base Plan costs $64.99 monthly. The Spanish plan is $34.99 monthly, and the NFL Sunday ticket Bundled or the Standalone plan starts at $299.

Concluding Words

Connecting with YouTube TV customer service is quite straightforward. There are multiple channels to access support, such as live chat, email, and calls. You can access any medium to resolve your issue. Let us know in the comments if you used any option described above and how effective YouTube TV’s customer service was.