How to Contact HBO Customer Service for Help?

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HBO is a highly popular pay TV network in the US that has been serving people with unique entertainment content for a long time. However, things can go awry soon, requiring you to contact HBO customer service.

The official Max support number is 855-942-6669. Access Max live chat support or QChat to speak to a customer care team member. Besides this, you can head over to the Help Center of the platform. Here you will find various articles to troubleshoot different issues. If you want to write about your concern, send an email to HBO also has a FAQs page, answering the common concerns of subscribers.

Let us walk you through these different mediums of contact with the support team of HBO.

How to Get Help with HBO Max over Call?

You can contact the customer service rep by dialing 855-942-6669. Just dial this number and press 2. You will get technical support quickly. This number can also be found on the Twitter page of HBO Max.

Call this number for HBO Max login problems or activation, or payment-related issues. Also, this is the phone number to cancel HBO Max as well. You will be able to talk to a customer support rep who will understand your query and give you the needed assistance.

Access HBO Max Customer Service Chat

Are you wondering if HBO Max offers customer service live chat? Yes, it does. It is in the form of a QChat. This chat option is available on

Use these pointers to access HBO live chat support.

  1. On your browser, navigate to
  2. Alternatively, just type ‘HBO Max QChat’ on the search engine.
  3. The chat page will open. Here, you can speak to a member of the Max support team.
  4. Provide the first and last name in your account and hit Enter.
  5. The support team member will then guide you on the steps you should take to rectify the problem.
  6. You may upload any documents, screenshots, or videos while talking to the HBO Max support team member.

Write to HBO Max Customer Service Email

If you can wait for some time to get the answer to your concern, consider writing about it to Another support email address is Here are some other official HBO Max email addresses you can use to send your concerns.

  1. For queries related to closed captions, send a message to
  2. All queries regarding copyright violations can be sent to
  3. If you have concerns related to documentary screenings, contact

Contact HBO Max Customer Support on Twitter

Twitter is another place you can go to if you are wondering how do I speak to someone at HBO Max. HBO has separate Twitter accounts for help with all their services. If you want help with the HBO Go service, tweet to them at @HBOGOhelp. For assistance with HBO Now, tweet @HBONOWhelp.

Here, HBO recommends that you call the support number, which is 855-942-6669. Similarly, tweet to @hbomaxhelp if you need assistance regarding this service.

Get Support through the Max Help Center

Max is only available in the United States. Subscribers residing in select regions like Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico can access the Help Center easily.

Just navigate to to get to this page. Here, you will find various topics on different aspects of Max. Click a topic and find detailed answers with links to more specific parts of the service.

On the right-hand side of the Help Center page, there is a ‘Related Articles’ section. Here you will find various categories, such as:

  1. Troubleshoot Max
  2. Getting around Max
  3. This video is not available error
  4. Max promo code
  5. Max error code

These categories open to pages where answers to various issues are given. For example, if you want to troubleshoot or Max app, click the ‘Troubleshoot Max’ link. You will find a detailed answer to this query.

Similarly, if you encounter an error code like ‘Something went wrong’, 905 error, 100, 321, or 420 error code, tap the ‘Max error code’ link. The page that opens will give you various solutions to try and fix the error yourself.

Use FAQ Section to Fix HBO Errors and Problems

HBO FAQs is another page you can access to resolve common problems. To access it, visit Here there are several headers. The first is on general questions related to HBO.

After that, you can find the Product Questions section. Here, the service provides answers to how users can visit the set of a show and how HBO holds casting sessions for its programs. You will also find answers on submitting an idea for a show or movie to HBO. Similarly, get more information on the music used for HBO promos and programs.

Further, the next section answers queries on getting HBO. You will find answers to the cost of the service and if it’s available outside the United States.

In the subsequent section, you will find questions and answers about HBO-licensed merchandise. Here, there are answers to buying HBO official licensed merchandise and who licenses merchandise for the shows. Also, find an answer to obtaining a license to distribute merchandise associated with HBO programming.

How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription?

You can cancel Max through your phone and computer. Both these methods are explained below.

  • Computer

  1. Open a browser and log into your Max account on the website.
  2. After that, tap on your avatar. It is on the right part of the page.
  3. Now, from the menu, select ‘Cancel subscription.’
  4. You will get a prompt, ‘Are you sure?
  5. Tap the ‘Continue to cancel’ button.
  6. You may get another request to stick around and explore their special offer.
  7. Tap ‘Continue to cancel.’
  8. Now, in the next screen, verify that you wish to end the subscription.
  9. You can watch shows on Max until your current free trial or billing cycle ends.
  • Phone

  1. Open the Max app on your smartphone.
  2. Now, log into it.
  3. After that, hit the ‘Profile’ button. It is on the right part of the app.
  4. Now, hit the gear icon and go to ‘Settings.’
  5. Touch ‘Billing information’ from the Settings menu.
  6. After that, hit the ‘Manage subscription’ button.
  7. Now, touch the ‘Cancel subscription’ link.
  8. Verify that you want to cancel on the next screen.

Similar to the browser, you can watch content on your phone until the end of your existing billing cycle or before the expiry of your subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get support with HBO Max?

Get help with HBO Max by dialing (855) 942-6669. Alternatively, use the QChat on the Max website to talk to a customer service rep. You can also access the Help Center and get support articles for your issue. Navigate to Twitter and tweet @HBOHOhelp and @HBONOWhelp your concern.

2. Why is HBO Max not working?

Check that you have the latest version of the Max app and that your internet connection is working. Clear the device cache and reinstall the app on your device. You may also check the Max server status in case of streaming issues. If you encounter error code 100 or 420, it means you are watching Max in a country where it's unavailable.

3. Is HBO Max down today?

To find out if HBO Max is down, type ‘HBO Max server status’ on the search engine. You will soon find updates from the official website about the current status. Apart from that, go to the Max Twitter page and see if there are updates about the server downtime.

4. Why is Max not working on my TV?

If Max is not working on your TV, it might be that the cables you’ve used to connect the devices are damaged. Check that Max is available in your region or reset your account. Clear cache and cookies from the phone and system and update the Max app.

5. Do I need to install another app for Max?

Most users will only need to update their current HBO Max app’s software to switch over to Max. You will find if you need to download the new Max app upon opening the HBO Max app. You don’t need to make a new account or change your login information.

Summing up

Accessing the HBO Max customer service is not difficult. You can get rapid technical support over the phone or by chatting in real-time with the customer service rep. Let us know if you need more assistance in accessing different mediums of Max customer support.